Pengurusan Air Selangor was one of the first companies to embark on the journey of energy management under the ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS).

The Malaysian Ministry of Health has committed to reduce their energy reduction in 5 years after the implementation of AEMAS. More than 100 hospitals and health institutes have the energy management system put into place and assessed for EMGS.

The Prime Minister's department through their assets such as Johor Bahru Sentral and Sultan Iskandar Complex for Custom, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) is committed to reduce 4% of their energy consumption every year. 

KPJ Healthcare shows commitment on reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint by becoming among the earlier private hospitals to implement AEMAS sustainable energy management system.

F&N Dairies Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is the first food industrial company to be certified for EMGS 1-Star rating in Malaysia.  

UTM was the first organization to qualify for the 3-Star rating and the first organization to be certified for EMGS. UTM has been a leader in energy management, winning once the ASEAN Energy Award in Energy Management.

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EMGS is the first regional energy management system certification in the world, for Southeast Asia. Since 2010, GreenTech Malaysia has assessed more than 160 sites, and up to date reducing more than 90 GWh of electricity per year.