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How long will it take to process my application?

It depends. If all the application documents are complete and the required information is submitted, it will take less than 20 working days.


If the documents are not complete or require further documents and/or information, the EMGS team will get back to you to acquire them within the 20 working days.

How long are the assessments?

For 1-Star rating, it will take the assessment team (of 3-4 people), two days to fully assess the site.


For 2-Star and 3-Star rating, the team will assess the sites for three days including a night audit.

How much do I need to pay to be certified up till 3-Star rating?

For the certification (inclusive of SST):

Note: The above fee does not include training for the Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Internal Awareness Programme, Company equipment investment, etc. It is purely for assessment & certification issuance.

What is the difference between the three levels/ratings?

  • 1-Star: Equivalent to ISO 50001, with additional criteria. The 1-Star certification will assess for the complete establishment of the system (EnMS).

  • 2-Star: Requires that the organization not only have an established EnMS but proven savings with minimum 5% reduction compared to baseline.

  • 3-Star: Requires that the EnMS is fully embedded into the organizational culture and integrated with other systems.

How long will it take to receive my certificate from ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE)?

After the submission of OFI Closure documents within 90 days, the assessors will review the documents. If all the documents are deemed satisfactory, the organization will be recommended for certification at the working committee (WC) meeting that is held quarterly. After the recommendation, the result is to be endorsed in the joint project committee (JPC) meeting and be reported to ACE. As the process of waiting for the WC and JPC could take up to 2 months, the expected duration that the organization will receive the certificate after the closure approval is estimated around 3 months.

Is it difficult to obtain the AEMAS recognition?

As with other systems, there is no easy way or shortcut.  The Energy Manager Training Course (EMTC) and the material handbook is more than enough to guide the organization for the certification. However, you will need a committed and involved energy management team, committee, top management and a driven energy manager to make it truly happen.

AEMAS system offers a systematic and sustainable way  for you to enjoy tangible impact through energy savings and cost reduction.

On top of that, it is recognized regionally (by ASEAN) and you will be advised by technical and management experts that were involved in the industry even before we have ISO 50001 or even EMGS.

Is it mandatory to have a Certified Energy Manager (CEM)?

It is necessary that the organization applying for EMGS to have an appointed AEMAS CEM, either internal or external.

What is the difference between a PEM and CEM?

A Certified Energy Manager (CEM) is a person that passes all the requirement of the AEMAS EMTC (Group presentation, report submission and written test).


A Professional Energy Manager (PEM) is a practicing AEMAS CEM that has demonstrated experience and involvement in the setup of SEMS and implementation of technical ECM.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that are commonly asked by EMGS applicants to GreenTech Malaysia. We try our best to answer the questions though some may not be able to be answered through this FAQ. Kindly contact us if you need more info.

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