Ahmad Munawir Mohd Hanif

AEMAS Assessor

Mr. Ahmad Munawir studied BSc. (Electrical Engineering) at the University of Missouri, Columbia in the United States. He is a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) from the Malaysian Energy Commission, as well as an AEMAS Certified Trainer for Energy Manager Training Course (EMTC). He has around 30+ years experience as an Electrical Engineer in various sectors. He is currently the Lead Verifier for the Prime Minister’s Department complex, overseeing retrofitting works of building control and Sustainable Energy Management System, Heating, Ventilation, & Air-Conditioning (HVAC), and electrical system.

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EMGS is the first regional energy management system certification in the world, for Southeast Asia. Since 2010, GreenTech Malaysia has assessed more than 160 sites, and up to date reducing more than 90 GWh of electricity per year.