Why go for EMGS?


By obtaining EMGS certification, you’ll find wide-ranging benefits beyond energy savings that affect your entire organization.


  • Reduced Costs  – Cost savings through Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency and adoption of Renewable Energy sources can help mitigate the rise in electricity tariffs and volatile energy costs.

  • Recognition – Third-party validation of your measurable energy savings through AEMAS certification helps your organization to be recognized as a leader in Energy Management.

  • Environmental benefits – Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and help tackle Climate Change.

  • Improved comfort – an Energy Efficient environment with the right amount of lighting and comfortable temperatures may contribute to the wellbeing and productivity of people inside the building.

  • Training & Certification of Energy Managers – Your organization will have certified in-house personnel able to establish, manage and lead your Energy Management system. The AEMAS certification is recognized in all 10 ASEAN member countries.

EMGS Value Propositions

EMGS Value propositions.PNG