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Why go for EMGS?


By obtaining EMGS certification, you’ll find wide-ranging benefits beyond energy savings that affect your entire organization.


  • Reduced Costs  – Cost savings through Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency and adoption of Renewable Energy sources can help mitigate the rise in electricity tariffs and volatile energy costs.

  • Recognition – Third-party validation of your measurable energy savings through AEMAS certification helps your organization to be recognized as a leader in Energy Management.

  • Environmental benefits – Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and help tackle Climate Change.

  • Improved comfort – an Energy Efficient environment with the right amount of lighting and comfortable temperatures may contribute to the wellbeing and productivity of people inside the building.

  • Training & Certification of Energy Managers – Your organization will have certified in-house personnel able to establish, manage and lead your Energy Management system. The AEMAS certification is recognized in all 10 ASEAN member countries.

EMGS Value Propositions

EMGS Value propositions.PNG
EMG Value Propositions
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